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Shift It Removal's Archive Storage Fareham - A Simple, Cost Effective Solution
Located in Secure Warehousing - Simple, Secure and Cost Effective!

Shift It Removals Archive Storage Fareham

Shift It Archive Storage Fareham offers a complete range of archive storage services for company documents.

Are You Running our of Storage Space in Your Office?
Could Your Space be Put to Better Use if it Wasn't Full of Archive Boxes?
Turn a Cost into An Asset with Our Archive Storage for Fareham!

archive storage Fareham

archive storage Fareham

With legal requirements on document storage becoming ever more erroneous, more and more companies are finding that archive storage is gradually taking over their office space. The result of this is two-fold, companies pay office rental rates for storing documents that could be stored much more cost effectively in a secure warehouse, and a reduction in the available productive space for the company to use, possible restricting growth or having a negative effect on the office working environment.

Our Philosophy is to Provide Cost Effective Storage Facilities & Safe, Effective
Archive Document Storage for Fareham, Along with Exemplary Customer Care & Service

Our Fareham archive document storage services include the following:

  • Free, no obligation survey
  • Free cataloguing service if required
  • Free collection into storage
  • Fixed monthly storage rates

  • Document retrieval service
  • In storage collection
  • Free document management system, notifying you of expiry dates
  • Certified destruction at end of life

Free no obligation survey
If you are interested in a quotation for archive storage in Fareham, we will arrange a totally free, no obligation survey.

The purpose of the survey is to clearly understand what type of documents you require storing and provide guidance on the legal requirements for each type of document if required. Also to assess the total number of archive boxes required to store your documents in an orderly and efficient manner, allowing retrieval when required, and to discuss your requirements with regard to cataloguing.

In order to allow for retrieval and destruction we will record every file in every archive box, if not already done so. This allows us to store your documents in an orderly manner and be able to retrieve files/documents that you may need during the life of the storage with ease. We will also discuss time scales with you.

Once we have completed our survey you will receive a fixed price written quotation for your perusal.

Free cataloguing service if required
If your files or documents are currently stored on racking or just loose in your office, we can, if required, pack them into archive storage boxes, whilst at the same time recording details of the files that are stored in each box. This service, if required, is free of charge. All archive records will be kept on an Excel spreadsheet and a copy sent to you for your records with your monthly invoice.

Free collection into storage
Once ready for delivery into storage, we will collect the catalogued archive boxes and take them to our secure warehouse in Gosport. To provide additional security, in the warehouse they will then be loaded into secure crates.

Fixed monthly storage rates
Storage rates can be fixed for whatever duration would suit you, whether that is 1, 3 5 or 20 years. Alternatively, they can be offered on an annual basis with cost of living increases only, the choice is yours.

Document retrieval service
Should you require a specific file during the storage period, then this can be delivered back to you and collected again once you have finished with it. As a standard we ask for 24 hours notice but will provide a same day service where possible.

In storage collection
Once you are in our system, whenever you have additional archives to store these will be collected and catalogued at no additional cost.

Free document management system notifying you of expiry dates
Different types of documents require different lengths of storage. Company records for VAT purposes and payroll have to be kept a minimum of 6 years, PAYE records 3 years, whilst some medical and safety records must be kept for as long as 40 years.

During our survey we can talk you through the legal requirements, so you only keep documents as is long as is required, thereby avoiding continual storage costs but, at the same time, ensuring legal compliance.

Certified destruction at end of life
When your documents come to the end of the legal requirement for retention, we will contact you to see what action you would like to take. Either we can arrange certified destruction, providing certification back you or, should you wish, they can be kept in storage until such a time as you want to dispose of them.

Taking a proactive approach with regard to document destruction allows us to reduce your storage costs over the long term, as you will normally only be storing documents that actually need to be kept.

Get In Touch for a No Obligation Survey for Archive Storage Fareham